Privacy Policy

The appropriate safeguarding by Hitobito Co., Ltd. (henceforth referred to as "our company") of the information that identifies our individual customers (collectively the "buyers at the EC site shop which has been constructed through our company's service" and the below "viewers of our company's website") is considered important as our social responsibility, while we protect the law involving the safeguarding of personal information (henceforth the "Personal information protection law"), we will work to handle the information appropriately and safeguard it in accordance to the below privacy policy (henceforth "the privacy policy"). The customer, in order to be able to use our company's services, must carefully read the privacy policy and agree to its content. Should we cannot obtain your agreement, we cannot allow your access to the site and use of our services.

Definition of Personal Information

The information concerning individuals who are existing includes their name, date of birth, address, telephone number and other description that can identify them as specific individuals.
It may be cross-checked with other information, and through this the specific person may be identified.

Handling of personal information

Our company stores the personal information which you have registered under conditions where ordinary users do not have access.
In addition, should all or part of the handling of the personal information be entrusted (to a third party), it will be safeguarded by our company's regulations.

Safekeeping and provision of personal information to a third party

Our company, except for the cases defined below, will not entrust or provide the customer's personal information to a third party without the prior consent of the customer.
1. Cases when it is necessary for the provision of our company's services
2. Cases involving its safekeeping and provision to a subcontractor/s (there are cases that are connected to collaborations with other businesses who are bound by a duty of confidentiality agreement, and for such cases, it is possible that our customer's information be entrusted or provided to our company's collaborative partner businesses, under our company's strict supervision, within the most minimal scope necessary for the provision of our company's services.)
3. Cases required by law
4. Cases where information is cross-checked with financial institutions
5. Cases involving the resolution of disputes with a third party

Improvement of regulations

Our company is working hard on the appropriate improvement of this privacy policy.